Doctoral Researcher Positions at Jena School for Molecular Medicine (Germany)

Doctoral Researcher Positions at Jena School for Molecular Medicine (Germany)

The Jena School for Molecular Medicine (JSMM), a member of the Jena Alliance Life in Focus funded by the Carl Zeiss Foundation, invites applications for

Doctoral Researcher Positions

The JSMM offers an interdisciplinary graduate programme in an inspiring research environment with a unique combination of expertise in molecular and cellular biology, biophotonics, molecular medicine and clinical research. In this context, the JSMM aims to support projects at the interface of molecular and clinical medicine and biophotonics.

The open position is located at the Institute for Physiology (Prof. Klaus Benndorf) at the Jena University Hospital.

Project description:

Metabotropic Glutamate receptors are dimeric G protein-coupled receptors (GPCR) and are important in long-term processes in the brain, including e.g. learning. Goal of the project is to analyze how the two subunits influence each other on a molecular level. Cooperativity and its kinetics within homo- and heterodimers will be evaluated using Förster resonance energy transfer (FRET) and Fluorescence-lifetime imaging microscopy (FLIM).

Range of methods offered:

- Förster resonance energy transfer (FRET)

- Fluorescence-lifetime imaging microscopy (FLIM)

- Patch-clamp

- Molecular biology

- Kinetic and molecular modeling

What we look for in candidates:

- interest in quantitative description of biological processes;

- high motivation to learn new techniques and work interdisciplinary;

- ability to work independently and develop own ideas;

- Master (or equivalent) in live-sciences, chemical or physical sciences;                    

- advantageous are training or experience in/with one of the following: microscopy, molecular biology, physical chemistry, biophysics or pharmacology.

What we offer:

- interdisciplinary team, support and coaching in new techniques;

- excellent equipment, infrastructure and technical support;

- well established biological system and technical tool-box to start from (PMID31023886);

- centrally located in the inner city of Jena, an old university town


For further details please contact

Dr. Ralf Schmauder (Universitätsklinikum Jena / Institut für Physiologie II) / Tel.: +49 3641 9-397671


Anne Knierim (Coordinator JSMM) / Tel.: + 49 3641 9-395692

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