22/29 November 2021 : 1rst Workshop of the i-GPCRnet

22/29 November 2021 : 1rst Workshop of the i-GPCRnet

1rst Workshop of the i-GPCRnet

The ECS committee is happy to announce you the 1rst Workshop of the i-GPCRnet  in collaboration with the Dr. Antoni Esteve Foundation (Spain) on the following topic :

"How to improve your scientific presentations"

It will be held on November 22, 23 25, 26, and 29, 2021, from 9:30 to 12:15 CET.

The course is intense and would require the attendees to prepare them beforehand.  They will have the weekend to prepare their final presentation.

Registrations are closed

Please note before registering that it is mandatory to participate to the full workshop to obtain your certificate of attendance.

Program :

Monday, Nov 22, 2021
  9:30 Introduction and The Core Elements of a Speech – PLENARY SESSION
 11:10 Workshop 1 – workshop in small groups with a coach
Tuesday, Nov 23, 2021
  9:30 How to structure your content – PLENARY SESSION
 11:10 Workshop 2
Thursday, Nov 25, 2021
  9:30 How to quickly design great slides – PLENARY SESSION
 11:10 Workshop 3
Friday, Nov 26, 2021
  9:30 Body language and voice for presenting on camera – PLENARY SESSION
 11:10 Workshop 4
Monday, Nov 29, 2021
  9:30 Workshop 5 – Final presentations
 11:10 Closing, feedback and evaluations

If you have any question, please contact xavier.iturrioz@cea.fr

Elisabet Serés (Esteve Foundation, Barcelona, Spain) & Xavier Iturrioz (CEA, Saclay, France)

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