Resources to help Ukrainian refugee scientists (Martha Sommer)

Resources to help Ukrainian refugee scientists (Martha Sommer)

Dear friends, 


There are currently several initiatives within the scientific community to help those displaced by the senseless destruction in Ukraine.

Please consider advertising your open positions on these platforms, in the hope that Ukrainian scientists and their families might find safety and stability.

These are external resources. Please do not share private or sensitive information.


To post positions: - a community group of volunteer students and research scientists from academic institutions in Europe and around the world. - excellent repository of online resources from Björn Grüning in Freiburg, including a list of >1200 labs worldwide offering positions


To offer accommodation:


How else can we help?

ERNEST is recruiting volunteers to help make a difference. Please contact us:


best regards,



Dr. Martha Sommer

Chair of your COST Action 18133 ERNEST

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