The i-GPCRnet International Research Network (IRN) was founded in 2021 for five years by the CNRS (www.cnrs.fr), the National Centre for Scientific Research of France, an interdisciplinary public research organization that is among the world's leading research institutions.

The mission of the i-GPCRnet IRN is to promote science in the field of G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs). The i-GPCRnet IRN is based on two solid pillars. The first pillar is the result of the very robust French GPCR community that was built around the GDR-3545 “RCPG-Physio-Med” (www.gdr3545.com) over the last 9 years (2012-2020). Out of the 65 French GDR-3545 teams, four took the lead in the new i-GPCRnet:

Dr. Ralf Jockers (Institut Cochin, Paris);
Dr. Jean-Philippe Pin (IGF, Montpellier);
Dr. Didier Rognan (Strasbourg);
Drs. Lucie Pellissier/ Romain Yvinec (INRAE, Nouzilly).

The second pillar is based on the longstanding interactions between French GDR members and other internationally renowned labs working on GPCRs with attested capacity to federate research activities in their respective countries:

Dr. Martin Lohse (Munich, Germany);
Dr. Stephen Hill (Nottingham, UK);
Dr. Jianfeng LIU (Wuhan, China).

Each team contributes to the consortium its scientific networks and its contacts with biotech and pharmaceutical companies and associations.

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