Bernard MASRI

Bernard MASRI

is an academic researcher at the Institute Cochin in Paris (France) in the team " Functional pharmacology and pathophysiology of membrane receptors " headed by Dr. Ralf Jockers.

After a PhD in France, on deciphering the endothelial function of the GPCR apelin receptor, he realized a post-doc at Duke University Medical Center (USA) in Dr. Marc Caron's lab to improve his knowledge on GPCR field by characterizing the activity of antipsychotics on dopamine D2 receptor.

He then came back to France to develop his research activity focused on apelin signaling functions in both energetic metabolism and obesity associated disorders as well as its involvement in angiogenesis and cancer.

He recently joined the team of Ralf Jockers in Paris to unravel the pathophysiological function of the orphan GPR50.


Équipe : Pharmacologie fonctionnelle et Physiopathologie des Récepteurs Membranaires — Institut Cochin

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