Is the director and French coordinator of the i-GPCRnet IRN. He studied biotechnology and biochemistry at the Universities of Cologne and Braunschweig (Germany) and performed his postdoctoral training in the laboratory of Dr. AD Strosberg (Paris, France).

He is currently INSERM Research director and group leader at the Institut Cochin (Paris, France). He has a long-term interest in GPCRs in endocrinology and metabolism including natural receptor variants and GPCR-associated protein complexes. He established the concept of ligand-independent functions of orphan receptors in heterodimers with other receptors.

He is recognized for his work on melatonin receptors and the development of original BRET and TR-FRET assays. He coordinated the French GPCR network “GDR-3545” from 2012-2020.

He is happy to continue to animate the GPCR community and see talented young scientist emerging in the field.


Research ID: P-2272-2017

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